There’s a variety of escort services available, but not all are held to the same standard.

To find the right customers sometimes requires clever marketing, such as an elegant adult logo to differentiate your service from the competition.

In this post, we’ll discuss the different elements of logo design and give you some pointers on how to design your own logo for high-class escort services.

Designing a High-Class Adult Logo

Designing a fashionable and captivating adult logo might be simpler than you think. The trick, however, is to make the logo unique enough to express the high-quality service but to differentiate the service from the competition as well.

Before jumping into designing a logo, check out the tips below to help make your logo as classy as it can be.

Design Elements

The design elements of your adult logo should reflect the high-class nature of the service. Rather than relying on cliche symbols like “XXX” or a silhouette of a woman kicking her leg into the air, try creating something more subtle.

However, whatever the logo is depicting should be clearly recognizable. Don’t try getting too abstract with the logo as it could detract from its meaning, and therefore the message you’re sending to the potential client. The logo should feature soft and flowing lines which depict the sensuality of the escort service.

Color Scheme

When designing an adult logo, don’t stray too far from the tried and true color schemes of adult entertainment. If you choose the wrong color scheme, your logo might become the reason your service is losing out to the competition. Stick with varying shades of red as it usually depicts passion. Other, cooler colors like shades of blue might send the potential client the wrong message.


The images depicted on your logo should reflect both the nature and the quality of your escort service. Use symbols which are easily understood by the potential client. The outline of lips or of a high heel, for example, will convey the purpose of your service. Other symbols, such as the heart used by Escorte Paris, helps to convey the warmth and companionship associated with escort services. Don’t be afraid to use other symbols, but also be careful you don’t dilute the message you’re trying to convey.

Use Negative Space

Sometimes design elements don’t have to consist of anything. To keep your logo from getting too cluttered, consider making use of available white space to create depth and to ensure the clarity of your message.

Keep It Simple

The most important aspect of any logo is how well it communicates the intended message to the potential client. To keep your message clear and on point, avoid using unnecessary elements. Instead, try to keep the logo a simple as possible. Your new logo should be appealing to the viewer and simple enough so that the eye is drawn to it rather than other, noisier logos.

Getting Started

Designing a logo can seem like a daunting task. But if you combine the right elements together, your logo will not only reflect the classy nature of your service, but it will draw in more clients, as well.

To get started on designing your own logo, check out our free logo maker. If you’re still unsure of how to proceed, check out this free logo maker tutorial.