What do companies like Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s have in common? ¬†When you think of them, the image that comes to your head first is most likely their logo.

If you are an automobile dealer, it is very important that you have a memorable auto logo so your products stay in your client’s minds and the public consciousness.

Here are 4 tips to designing a one-of-a-kind, creative logo:

Choose The Right Font

People without an artistic eye may not realize that font is an extremely important aspect of an effective logo. The font you decide will dictate how people perceive your brand.

You want your logo to communicate professionalism and sophistication. If you choose a font that is too casual or light-hearted you may not be taken seriously by your consumer base.

For example, fonts that are more square exude trustworthiness, while rounded fonts are more suited for lifestyle or entertainment companies. Your font is even more important if you want your logo to be font-only.

Many companies go this route successfully. But you should hire someone to design a unique font just for your company so that you font-only logo still stands out.

Decide On A Color Scheme

Colors can also go a long way to communicate your brand to your consumers. The color you choose speaks to consumers about the types of services you offer.

For example, brighter colors typically represent energy, youthfulness, and passion. Darker colors represent comfort, simplicity, and elegance. An auto logo would likely feature darker colors, but it depends on how you want to be represented.

If you want to appeal to a younger generation of car consumers, a brighter color scheme might work. But you may be choosing those colors at the expense of other demographics, like families.

When it comes to colors, your target audience is everything. Once you decide on who you are trying to appeal to, cater your strategy toward them.

Narrow Down the Design

After picking the font and the color scheme, make sure you choose a unique design that works perfectly for where you will be placing it.

If you plan on selling merchandise, choose a logo design that people might want to wear on a t-shirt. If your logo will be on a sign outside of your business, make sure it draws people in without being too distracting.

The best logos straddle the line between familiarity and freshness. You want your consumer base to trust you and your products while also exhibiting a contemporary sense of style.

An Auto Logo Should Be Simple

For an automobile dealer like Wackerli Subaru, simplicity is key. You want your logo to reflect the same understated elegance of your cars. If you over do it, you risk losing credibility with your target audience.

Also, the less of your logo there is, the easier it will be for your audience to remember it. Your logo should be designed to stand the test of time while being creative enough for your consumer base to resonate with it.

The Takeaway

Make sure your logo accurately communicates everything you want your brand to stand for, and you will connect with your audience in a substantial way.

If you have any more questions about designing an auto logo, please contact us!