When most people think about a brand, they think of Nike’s Swoosh, Apple’s Apple, or the McDonald’s Golden Arches — icons that represent a particular company and evoke a specific feeling in the viewer.

But as you plan for your wedding, the logo or monogram you create to represent your union is as important a brand as these multi-million dollar brands.

And, most importantly, the same principles that go helping a business develop a strong brand that communicates who they are can be applied to something much more personal and fun — like the logo or monogram for your wedding!

Here at Online Logo Maker, we believe that everyone should have a high-quality logo that represents and communicates who they are and what they do.

The way we do that is by making Online Logo Maker, a free tool that lets you create a high-quality logo or monogram for your wedding.

Wedding Logo Design Resources

When you’re planning your wedding, we want to make sure you have the tools and the knowledge you need to create a beautiful logo for your wedding. To help you design your logo, we’ve put together this collection of articles and resources on branding, logo design, and wedding logos.

And when you’re ready to create a logo for your wedding, we just happen to provide a great logo maker. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

Branding Your Wedding

These resources will help you understand the how and why behind creating a brand for your wedding.

  • Hello, My Name Is… — Zachariah Nelson provides a great, comprehensive overview of the concepts behind a logo and a brand.
  • Branding Your Wedding — Betsy White gives a great overview on what to think about when branding your wedding.
  • How To Brand Your Wedding — Brunett’s Boards provides a detailed look at how to brand your wedding.

Wedding Monogram and Logo Design

  • Wedding Monogram Etiquette — Emma covers an often asked question — “Where do I place the initials in a Wedding Monogram?”
  • Monogram Rules — Mark and Graham show you how to make monograms if your needs are a bit more… complicated. Do you have a hyphenated last name? Does your wife want to keep her maiden name? What do you do if your last name has two words — like Von Hansel?
  • Designing Your Monogram In Microsoft Word — Once you create your wedding monogram, you can use Microsoft Word to build on your monogram and use it in new and interesting ways.
  • DIY Wedding Logo — Whitney Lee walks through excellent tips to think about when designing your wedding logo.

Try Online Logo Maker

Now that you have a firm understanding for designing the logo or monogram for your wedding, the next step is to create your wedding logo.

Online Logo Maker is a free, easy to use logo maker that you can use to create the monogram for your wedding.

Create Your Wedding Monogram