So, you’ve finally finished writing your book.

Now, you have to start thinking about how you’re going to make sure people actually read it!

Creating unique logos and images for your book’s cover design is absolutely crucial. It’s also a fun part of the creative process!

Read on to learn more about how a book’s logo and cover can help readers to connect with — and buy — your masterpiece.

They Tell Your Readers What’s Inside

Logos on a book cover help to let readers know a little bit more of what your book is all about.

Sure, ideally every potential reader will take the time to read the cover flap and learn more about the book’s plot — but you don’t notice an interior cover flap from across a crowded room.

Take, for example, Colson Whitehead’s novel The Underground Railroad. The cover of the book shows a series of railroad tracks, some of which lead to nowhere. It also shows humans walking along these tracks.

From this information, along of course with the title, readers can gather that the journey will be hard, unsuccessful for some, and secretive.

Think about the defining moment of your book, and leave a little “hint” about it in your cover design and book logo. Then, readers who were initially drawn to your book will enjoy a surprise when they find out the connection later.

They Reflect Your Style As An Author

In addition to giving out hints about your book’s subject matter, covers also say a lot about you as an author!

If your writing style is geared more towards young adult fans, you might use brighter colors and loopy fonts on the cover. If you’re a sci-fi writer, using a dark cover with raised white lettering helps to set the tone.

The right cover will help you and your ideal reader to find one another.

But you still need to edit your cover a little bit more…

Test Out Several Options

Now that you know what it takes to create unique logos for your book’s cover, you need to test out your options.

Use an online tool, such as our free logo maker, to create a book cover mockup. Especially if you’re going the self-publishing route, seeing what your book will look like in bookstores and online will be a huge help.

It’s also time to get a second opinion. Your book is “your baby” — which means that you might not be able to make an objective decision about which cover really fits it best.

Ask your friends, agents, and even social media followers for their input.

Create Unique Logos For Everything In Your Life

So, now that you’ve got your book cover logo down, what about your author logo? Or if not a logo, at least a symbol that represents your writing style.

After all, when you’re touring and giving readings, you’ll need to use this time to start building your brand. Having your own logo can help your readers find you online and in-stores.

Need more advice on how to create the perfect logo? Spend some time on our website and blog, and comb through our countless articles on how to brand and market yourself effectively.