What factors influence your choice of airline to fly with?

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you just don’t settle for an airline with the cheapest airfares.

Sure, at 35,000 feet, you want an airline with an impeccable safety record, awesome in-flight services, decent seats and good legroom.

But, there is something else flyers consider: the logo!

Just what makes an airplane logo design unforgettable? Why do some logos stick in your mind long after the flight?

Curious to know? Keep reading!

1. Simplicity – With a Twist of Ingenuity

In a quest to stand out, many airlines go to great lengths to design their logos, but some end up with designs that are unnecessarily complex.

A simple logo is a killer logo. It’s relatable and pleasant to look at.

However, it’s not all about the simplicity. Travelers should be able to identify a mark of originality and creativity. You know, a logo design that leaves customers saying “Ah, that’s clever” or better “I didn’t see that coming.”

Take the Southwest’s new logo, for instance. The name of the airline is spelled out, followed by a small heart symbol that evokes feelings of love, probably love at first sight!

2. Colors That Send a Message

Color doesn’t only make surfaces beautiful to the eye. It’s a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can leave a lasting brand impression.

Unforgettable airplane logos have colors that send certain subtle messages to their customers.

What flashes through your mind when somebody says American Airlines? Shades of blue, white and red. Right? These are also the traditional American colors.

As such, a customer can easily tell this airline takes pride in preserving the heritage of the American experience.

Now, can you think of any other airliner that is “more American?” Certainly not!

3. The Tagline Adds to the Uniqueness of an Airplane Logo Design

The debate among branding professionals about whether a logo needs a tagline still rages on.

But, regardless of what your personal view is, there is no doubt a crafty tagline packs a punch and can make an airplane logo design even more unique.

“The best care in the air.” That’s the Midwest Airlines tagline, which is crafted below its logo icon.

The tagline makes the logo unforgettable, especially when placed alongside other airline logos without taglines.

4. Nothing Like What’s Already in the Market

An airplane logo with icons and colors that look even remotely similar to that of other airlines cannot boast of uniqueness and is easily forgettable.

However, a logo with colors and icons that are vastly different from competitors carves out its mark in the memories of customers.

A unique logo, even when imprinted on the tail of a dusty jet that is due for an airplane wash, still stands out and is memorable.

5. Touch of Nature

Many people love nature, and flying up high in the clouds is a good way to experience it.

And, birds have always inspired the design and engineering of our planes.

Airplane logos designed with nature in mind reminds passengers the relationship between mankind and nature, a trait which makes them unforgettable.

The American Airlines logo, for instance, contains an eagle which, according to the airline, represents the soaring spirit of the American people.

For the millions of nature lovers, the eagle is also a reflection of the great outdoors we so much love, and for that, the logo has a spot in our memories.


Every year, over 800 million Americans take the skies.

Logos and branding in general play an important role in helping these travelers find the airline that best meets their preferences.

And airplane logo designers who use the best online logo maker stand a solid chance of creating an unforgettable logo.