Looking to attract new visitors to your church? That sign out front isn’t your only option.

Creating an inspiring church logo is a great way to build a community around your house of worship.

By affixing a unique design to collateral such as your bulletins, newsletters, outreach materials and more, you help put a face to a name, so to speak.

Doing so makes you recognizable, spurs interest, and draws guests in.

Today, we’re discussing how to create a logo that’s powerful and gets your message across.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

Encourage Staff Input

Creating a church logo shouldn’t be a solitary process.

Rather, meet with your executive committees, as well as your full and part-time staff, to listen to their input and ideas.

Key questions to ask include:

  1. In what areas is our current logo weak?
  2. What is the message we want to send with our new logo?
  3. What religious symbols best convey that message?
  4. Is there a specific demographic we especially need to reach with this new logo?

In addition to your current team members, it’s also helpful to survey a few churchgoers (from within your own congregation and outside of it) to glean their opinions on your current and future logo.

Take a Look Around

The church around the corner might not be the best place to research your next logo design.

Or, could it be?

You might be surprised at what you can learn by simply researching the logos that other churches designed for themselves.

Excellent design knows no bounds. It exists in grand megachurches that attract thousands in attendance to Las Vegas wedding chapels like Little Church of the West. There are churches around the world whose message and marketing can act as examples of great design.

Even if you aren’t intending to imitate them, these designs can still provide you with inspiration on color scheme, symbolism, font, and more. Then, you can pull your favorite elements from each to create a new church logo that’s all your own.

Explore Your Stream of Consciousness

By definition, stream of consciousness thinking occurs when we simply let our thoughts go where they will, without directing them in any specific way.

While this might sound like an exercise best left for a psychology class, it can prove helpful when designing your church logo.

Begin by thinking of your church and its mission. Then, see where your mind takes you.

As you think of specific words, write them down.

Then, try using a visual thesaurus to expand on these ideas. This tool allows you to enter one word, then gives you a map of other, related words.

You may just stumble upon the perfect term that can translate into the perfect idea for a logo!

Draw, Refine, Repeat

Once you have the initial concept in place for your logo, the real fun starts.

Begin by loosely sketching how you envision your design will look.

Don’t focus too much on being precise. Just get the general idea on paper (or onto your logo design software).

Then, meet with mentors and other advisors who can objectively evaluate your design and offer suggestions to strengthen it.

Go back to the drawing board and work on these ideas, refining your logo until it passes your own test of effectiveness, as well as those of others.

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