Ugly Christmas sweaters are a hilarious, fun reminder to get into the holiday spirit.

Perhaps unexpectedly, they can also inspire your Christmas logo design.

Most people struggle to get the right gift for others. That’s one reason the sweaters are popular. They are an easy way to bring happiness to others.

To qualify as an ugly Christmas sweater, yours must have various bright colors. It must have a showy element that makes it stand out, such as glitter. Or it could be a striking, over-the-top image.

Lastly, the sweater should have a 3-dimensional feature. For example, some have Christmas tree decorations, bows, or reindeer noses.

So, how can all this inspire your Christmas logo design?

Read on to find out.

Getting Inspiration for a Christmas Logo Design

Every holiday, Google changes its doodle to fit the occasion. DuckDuckGo changes their mascot’s picture. Other companies, such as Starbucks, change their packaging.

These types of periodical changes require constant inspiration and creativity. Designers can make a unique Christmas logo design that boosts a company’s image.

Holiday cards are not left out, either. The new logos change the overall look of the cards. On a card website, you can click on different ones to pick your favorite.

The following are various ways the sweater can influence the Christmas logo design:

1. Color scheme

There is a science behind selecting colors. Some ugly sweaters have distinct color schemes that may work well in a logo. Use tiny polka dots to differentiate between shades of the same color.

2. Santa theme

Since Santa wears a red hat, your logo can have an image or letter with a hat. Everybody understands what it signifies.

3. Jingle bells design

Replacing some of the letters in a logo with representations works well. In this case, you can replace the ‘O’ letters in your logo with jingle bells. You can also add a red bow on top to symbolize a gift.

4. Christmas tree

Christmas trees are popular in ugly sweaters.

Use it in place of the letter ‘A’ in your logo. For more flair, throw in some of the decorations you use on the tree. For instance, other letters, such as ‘I’ can get a mistletoe on top.

5. Reindeer theme

Nothing says “Christmas” like some reindeer horns.

Incorporate them into your logo. It could be the head of the reindeer replacing a letter. Or it could be the horns sticking out of your logo. Top it off with the red nose on one of the letters.

Learn More About Logo Designs

Companies participate in fun games during the holiday season as a form of branding and marketing. If you look around, you’ll see the creative ways businesses use to stand out. They try free items, discounts, free shipping, and offer exclusive products.

Making changes to logos also serves the same purpose.

However, getting these logos right requires skill and constant learning. You need to read up constantly on tips and tricks to improve your designs.

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