Looking to create new logos for your casino?

If so, you’re on the right track. With over 500 casinos in the United States, you can’t just rely on luck anymore if you want to beat out your competition.

You need branding.

But how can you come up with creative, impactful, and fun logo ideas for your casino?

Read on to find out.

1. Keep the Wheel Spinning

If your current logo design isn’t working, it might be because it’s not showing action.

Even a stack of dollar bills sitting on a table isn’t as engaging as someone pulling a lever on a slot machine, saying “cheers” with their friends at a blackjack table, or celebrating a huge win.

Always keep your design active, not passive.

2. Avoid Cliches

When it comes to logo design, it can sometimes be tough to figure out what’s a brilliant idea, and what’s been done to death.

In general, if you can come up with your idea in less than two seconds (spades, gold coins, a red playing card heart) it’s not a winner.

Instead, focus on going outside the box. If your casino has a unique story, or if a funny incident inspired you to open it, create a logo off of that.

It will be all your own, and you’ll have a great way to connect with customers when they ask about it.

3. Go Bold

The customers that come through your doors are already willing to take a chance. So why shouldn’t you do the same on your logo?

We suggest going for a little humor, as well as using bright and bold colors to attract attention.

The last thing you want is for your casino’s logo to look exactly like an accounting firm’s logo. No wild nights ever began with a visit to your accountant.

4. Communicate Your Brand

Some casinos are more upscale, while others make it a goal to be more accessible to everyone. Some casinos want to cater to local clients, while others want to be the destination!

Whoever your casino most wants to target, your logo should connect directly with them. If there are local sports teams in your area, use the same or similar colors in your new logos.

Or, consider including pictures of local landmarks.

For a wider audience, be sure to…

5. Use Your Letters Wisely

There is so much you can do with the letters of your casino’s name.

Why not have each letter represent a different game, machine, or other form of entertainment your casino offers?

One letter could be decorated with a pack of cards, another with an illustration on free bets, and another could be filled with drawings of some of the best items on your menu.

Variety is key — make sure you’re communicating in your casino’s new logos everything that you have to offer!

You’re Ready to Create New Logos for Your Casino

Thanks to this post, we know you probably have lots of ideas spinning around like a slot machine inside your head!

To make sure you pick the best possible logo, use our free online logo maker tool to test out all your potential options before deciding on the perfect one.

Also, to get more information on the best branding and logo ideas, be sure to read up on our blog.

Make this the year you get as lucky as your customers!