A school logo is not just a logo. It’s an image that unifies students and represents everything that your school stands for.

Because of its overall importance, you’re left with no option but to ace your logo design. Of course, your task would be easier if the logo didn’t have to appeal to hundreds of students with different interests and backgrounds.

It’s undoubtedly a big task, but you can get it done with a bit of research. Luckily for you, we’ve already done your homework for you. Keep reading to find out how you can get that A+ on your school logo design.


For many people, creating a logo entails choosing an eye-catching color. When creating a logo for a school, however, the process of selecting a color is different.

Simply put, a school logo’s colors should be symbolic. They should represent the school’s ideals and perhaps reflect the school’s history and location. They should also complement the school’s branding strategy.

For example, if regal elegance is one of your school’s core themes, purple might be a good call. If your school is located in a town which is known for its flowers, perhaps an earthy, floral design would work well.


Your logo won’t just stand on its own. It must not only complement the other elements of your branding strategy, but it must complement your mascot and merchandise as well

A school that already has a jaguar as a mascot should take that into consideration when creating a logo. Plus, the logo has to look good on merchandise and stationery.


In some ways, a school is a business. Even so, you don’t necessarily want to run it like a business. You’re dealing with young people, and those people want to see that your school stands for everything they believe in.

For this reason, your school logo design should be personal to the student body. This is important for every school, probably more so for a virtual highschool or college. After all, a logo is a huge part of a virtual school’s presence since there isn’t necessarily a physical location attached to it.

Check Out The Competition

We’re in no way telling you to plagiarize your school’s logo. That would be inappropriate. We’re instead suggesting that you take some pointers from your competition.

Pay close attention to how they design their logos. What elements of their logos do they prioritize? How much text do they use?

These are important things to note if you want your logo to be competitive.

Create A Great School Logo Design

Creating a school logo is tricky work. You can pass the test with flying colors, however, if you put in some hard work.

Remember that you’re not alone in your search for the perfect logo. You’ll always have staff members and students supporting you.

We are rooting for you! To make it easier, use our Logo Maker to get the job done. All you have to do is create an account to start building the logo that will represent you and your student body.